How to buy Wholesale Rosary Supplies

There is a lot to keep in mind whenever you are trying to buy wholesale rosary supplies. There are three things that tend to end up in their respective categories. These three things are, beads, wire, and crosses and centerpieces. Crosses and centerpieces belong in the same category because generally, they are bought from the same place. Keep in mind that beads and wire can generally be purchased from websites not specific to rosaries. However crosses and centerpieces often have to be purchase from christian specific sites, these usually sell them for less than a dollar a piece in bulk. This makes it much easier to save money, since you are buying in large amounts.

Beads can be a problem if you want to make rosaries in several different colors because buying wholesale rosary supplies often means you must buy a large amount in a single color.  This could possibly be a problem if you are looking for variety in your products. However often beads are sold in mixed strands. If you buy enough mixed strands there is bound to be enough of one color to make several rosaries in different colors. If you don’t mind the uniformity of color, buying beads in bulk is much cheaper than buying retail from middle man site.

Wire is a major component of making a rosary. This is one of many wholesale rosary supplies. Wire is heavy and tends to be made of precious metal. Even if it isn’t make of solid gold or silver, copper is expensive, and it is very common for plated wires to have a copper core. Don’t be surprised if wire is still very expensive even if you are buying in bulk. The materials needed to make it are expensive, so even the cheapest price can be quite pricey. However just like beads, buying in bulk is significantly cheaper than buying retail.

Purchasing crosses and centerpieces can be rather difficult when looking for wholesale rosary supplies. There are many different types of both. They also come in different sizes. It is a good Idea to make sure what type of rosary you are making before you buy crosses as Anglican rosaries use a plain cross and catholic rosaries use a crucifix. It is also important to note that using the same centerpieces in all your rosaries tends to make them lose their uniqueness. So it may be a good idea to buy large amounts but also buy 2 or 3 different designs to give your products some variety.

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