Protestant Rosary Beads

Protestant rosary beads are also known as Anglican rosary beads. These beads are used similarly to the traditional rosary, However they are not used to pray directly to mary. Protestant rosary beads are smaller than the traditional rosary, they have 33 beads whereas a traditional rosary has 59. They are more compact than traditional rosaries and make great gifts for those being recently confirmed or baptised. They can be made in a variety of ways . One type of rosary is make with cord, another type is made with wire. The cord type of rosary tends to be more masculine, hence they are more suitable for men. These rosaries are also much more durable than wire rosaries because they do not contain links of any sort. These types of rosaries tend to be cheaper than wire rosaries.The beads in a cord rosary tend to be mad of wood or plastic and the fixtures tend to be glass or wood. This makes the rosary more affordable and fits the style of the cord being used to hold it together.

Wire rosaries are more atheistically appealing than cord rosaries in my opinion. They can come in a variety of colors and sizes. Some protestant rosary beads are made to fit around your wrist while others are full size. The beads of this rosary can be made of just about anything. It is common for the beads to be made of wood , glass or crystal. Also, it is common for the wire to be made of or plated with precious metals. This adds to the expense of the rosary but also adds to the beauty. The fixtures on these necklaces are usually made of metal but can be made of wood or glass. It is not uncommon for some pieces to be made of solid silver. Wire rosaries can come in a variety of price ranged because not all wire is extremely expensive. Protestant rosary beads tend to come in affordable counterparts as well. Some people use plated wire to make their rosaries. This make them more affordable. There are quite a few beautiful rosaries out there for less than 20 dollars so take your pick. However if you are looking for something extra special, some rosaries can run up into the $1000 range if you are truly looking for something spectacular. However do not forget that the purpose of these beads is to aid in prayer and devotion, so don’t forget the most important part.

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