Protestant Rosary Supplies

Making protestant rosaries is a great pastime to have. Protestant rosaries use many of the same supplies as traditional rosaries are. But there are a few exceptions. There are many different types of protestant rosary supplies that you will need. To make a protestant rosary, You will need beads, a pendant, and some wire. Each one of these things can be purchased in either small quantities or in bulk, as well at varying levels of value and quality. Each of these items plays a vital role in the making of the Protestant rosary. So it is important that you get supplies that have reasonable quality.

Beads are a very important part of your protestant rosary supplies. Beads come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Men’s rosaries are commonly made with dark-colored or wooden beads whereas women’s rosaries are usually made with glass or crystal. Beads in the 6mm size are very nice for rosary making. Glass and wood beads are relatively inexpensive and look very nice. However crystal beads look absolutely gorgeous and are definitely worth the extra dollar or two. Make sure whenever you buy beads that they are lead free and they you buy from a reputable dealer.

Unlike the traditional rosary you will be purchasing plain cross pendants instead of crucifixes for your protestant rosary supplies. Cross pendants can be made in a variety of different materials and colors. They can be made of wood, plastic, glass or metal. Wooden crosses are popular among rosaries made with cord as well as glass ones. However metal pendants are more commonly used when you make the rosary out of wire. It is a matter of preference which type you wish to buy. But make sure that you buy from a good supplier so that, if you find a pendant that you really like, they will not suddenly run out one day and  you wont have to find a different design.

The final and perhaps the most important Item in your list of protestant rosary supplies is your wire. This is what holds the entire rosary together.If you are looking for an affordable wire, use a good quality plated copper wire. These types of wire are nice if you are just starting out, but take care that you do not scrap the plating off with your pliers. There are wires made entirely of silver or gold though if you wish to make a more expensive rosary.

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