About Roman Catholic Rosaries

The Idea of the rosary began with the Roman Catholic church. The history of the rosary is up for debate. According to the Roman Catholic Catechism it was created to imitate the Liturgy of the hours. However, tradition says that the rosary was given to St. Dominic by the Virgin Mary during an apparition.

The rosary is an important part in Roman Catholic devotion and is part of the Veneration of Mary. The use of the rosary has been encouraged, but especially by Pope Leo XIII. Pope Leo introduced a feast day for the rosary known as the feast of our lady of the rosary and is observed on October 7th.

The Roman Catholic rosary consists of five decades. These are long strands of 10 beads separated by 5 larger beads and a mid piece is sometimes used. Then towards the pendant there is three smaller beads call antiphon beads and one larger one. The Roman Catholic rosary uses a crucifix as a pendant unlike the Anglican rosary which uses a cross.

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