Praying the Ecumencial Rosary

  • Miraculous Healings
  • Miraculous Actions
  • Miraculous Appearances
  • Protestants may pray the rosary with ecumenism , or christian unity in mind. Praying a ecumenical rosary does not address Mary, but instead uses the Lords Prayer, Apostles Creed, and the Sweet Jesus prayer.

    How to Pray the Ecumenical Rosary

    Starting with the centerpiece say the Lords Prayer and for the decade beads you say the Sweet Jesus prayer, recite this 5 times until you end up back down the centerpiece. then move down towards the cross, the first bead stands for charity, recite the Sweet Jesus prayer and then recite the Oh my Lord prayer The next bead stands for hope, at this bead recite only the Sweet Jesus prayer. The last small bead closest to the cross represents faith, on this bead say the Sweet Jesus prayer. On the large bead before the cross recite the our father prayer. When you reach the cross, recite the Apostles Creed.

    The ecumenical rosary focuses on miracles Jesus performed rather than the traditional mysteries. These are classified into the miraculous healings, actions, and appearances of Jesus.

    Miraculous Healings

    • The Centurion’s servant is healed
    • A woman touches Jesus’s garnments
    • Jesus heals the blind man
    • The raising of lazurus
    • Jesus heals the ten lepers

    Miraculous Actions

    • Jesus turns water into wine
    • Jesus calms the storm
    • Jesus feeds the five thousand
    • Jesus walks on water
    • The withered fig tree

    Miraculous Appearences

    • Jesus’s Birth
    • The transfiguration
    • Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene
    • Jesus appears to doubting Thomas
    • Jesus appears to Paul
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